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March 3rd, 2014 Irish People Love Newspapers – Infographic

February 20th, 2014 NNI to Appoint New Industry Co-Ordinating Director

National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) has confirmed that it is seeking a new Co-Ordinating Director to work with its member publishers and titles.

NNI represents 16 national newspapers and 25 regional titles – in addition to their online brands – with a combined weekly readership of more than 84% of the population. The association promotes and represents newspapers across a wide range of commercial and public policy issues including taxation, advertising, copyright, competition policy, the environment, press freedom and regulation.

The position of Co-Ordinating Director is currently held by Frank Cullen, who has indicated his wish to retire from the role as soon as a successor has been appointed in the coming months.

Mr. Cullen, who spearheaded the foundation of NNI almost 30 years ago and who handles its daily management and administration through the services of Cullen Communications Ltd, confirmed that he will be assisting NNI in the recruitment and transition to a new industry co-ordinator.

“Newspapers play a vital role in Irish society and now more than ever, they need strong, unified representation, particularly given the challenging and rapidly changing media landscape,” said Frank Cullen.  “I have enjoyed my time with NNI and the many advances we have made as an industry, but I think the time is right for a new person to take on the challenges that lie ahead,” he added.

Commenting on the decision of Frank Cullen to retire, NNI Chairman Matt Dempsey said: “Frank has been a tremendous servant to our industry and I am sure all our members appreciate the contribution he has made to Irish newspapers over the past 3 decades.

“From our perspective we greatly appreciate that Frank has kindly agreed to share his much valued knowledge and experience to assist his successor grow into the role,” he added.

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