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Welcome to Press Pass, an Initiative from the National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI)

National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) is the public face of Ireland's newspaper industry, representing 10 publishers and the print/online editions of 16 national newspapers and 25 local/regional titles.

As part of its agenda, NNI is committed to improving literacy levels in Ireland, particularly among younger people and students. Youth literacy is also a priority for Government, and has been identified as a "major goal" by the current Minister for Education, Jan O' Sullivan.

Newspapers have been used as a supplementary educational tool for many years, with studies from around the world showing they can help to develop children’s reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

In 2012 NNI devised a new Newspapers in Education (NiE) initiative aimed at Transition Year students and designed to support its own, and the Government’s, youth literacy objectives by getting more students reading newspapers. That initiative is Press Pass.

NNI Press Pass Awards 2014 Winners Announced - Click here for details

nni press pass 2014 winners